music composition

Paul Riekert started recording sounds and playing music at the tender age of five, and is still obsessively doing the same, on a daily basis.

He has composed music and done sound design for television and other visual material since 1993 – including title themes, dramas, commercials, animation, documentaries, children’s programmes, and live theatre / events.

Below is a small selection from Paul’s body of work.

For an overview, see the One F Youtube channel.

villa rosa 2015 titles 2

ZimZim - Dumaland






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suurlemoen teaser





music from 'noise'





For some, Paul is best known as the brain and voice of Battery 9, a hardcore “Industrial” music project he started in 1995.

Other projects include Die Menere, Breinskade and General Dealer. A small selection from his personal creative work below:

die menere_rooijakkalsdraaiT





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