recent highlights

My work is my hobby, which at times is problematic because it leaves no time for hobbies. Thanks to my clients, supporters, colleagues and friends, I can do what I love most, and get paid for it!

Here are some production highlights from the recent past:

1. Composing logo music for Varsity Sing (Green Planet Productions)

From the stable of Varsity Sports came Varsity Sing, a 13-episode DSTV series documenting a South African university choirs competition. The backbone of the logo music had to be rock -based, with a large choir singing the title phrase.


2. Composing new logo music for Jam Sandwich (Meerkat Media)

This documentary-style SABC TV series returned for a  third season of 26 episodes, with a new video and audio logo package. (In each episode, South African Musical artists, often from different styles and backgrounds, collaborate to record one track.) I had to compose a logo which followed the rhythm of the animated visuals, while reflecting the idea of collaboration.


3. Doing the production, recording and beats for a Jitsvinger / Krisjan Fourie collaboration

Krisjan and I have collaborated many times in the past (we even won a Pendoring award in the category “best jingle” in 2002), and adding the talents of Jitsvinger (a.k.a. Quintin Goliath) made for some excellent results. It was invigorating to work on hiphop which carries a positive message.


4. Releasing two more tracks under the name Die Menere with André van Rensburg

When André and I collaborate, creativity flows freely.


5. Recording, producing and releasing the new Battery 9 album, ‘Grimmig’

I didn’t think I would do another one, but here we are.